Sunday, August 30, 2009

Modigliano. His pregnant girlfriend.

Picasso. Pablo. He said Modigliano's name on his death bed. Picasso looked a wealthy, respected and a respectfully leading artist. He was cool, I mean

because he made this, Don Quixote. Ha. Even cooler is the dachshund if you see it. I am putting a picture of Pablo here., to see how he looked. His face is oval and round.

He looks a pretty serious man. Wuuu. Master.
A cool, or coolly serious man. A genius. Do you know why, Sanatan? Well cause he made difficult to understand, (to many people including me, many a times, difficult to appreciate ) artwork, on canvas. But no offence meant Sir, if we were in the same town and drank at the same bar, we would be friends. :)
Ya man. Hey, now, Dont look at me like that.
I want to make art too, and let people enjoy it. With lines, and shapes, colors, expressions, depth, vibrations. All on the stage, and sometimes even just with my body and soul. Whruuu. That would be nice ma boy.
Dear God.
The moskito baite me all d now an den.
I kill dem somtims and ignore them mos ovda time.
You should control some of what you make.
Take dis as a sujesson. okie.
And as the minutes pass, I am happy.

My chest (rib) pain is healing. I am going to want it to heal even faster.
In fact, there is a very slight sensation on my vertebra, right behind. I am inclined to connect it to the injury from the front, because of which a complete stretch or correct sitting posture is lesser (due to the pain) and that could do something to the back.

Later today, I want to write some for my beard and the process.
For now, I feel slightly like going to the loorium.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Wrestling Exercise
was a cool one. I was wrestling with Mandar, and I was able to keep my stand because of my strong legs. In one of the bouts his shoulder did strike me somewhere over my right chest. Its paining slightly.

Went to dance class today. Met Tai. She was teaching Ardhanareshwar.
I have class tomorrow, at 11.30 for Ardhanareshwar. I am looking forward to it.

I still have to work on the script and Karstens lines.