Thursday, March 24, 2011

march 23

acropetal b 15 101.49
acropetal s 15 97.30

fame b 165 76.15
fame s 115 76.73

lancoind b 30 38.10
lancoind s 30 37.60

provogue b 50 41.14
provogue s 40 41.20

zeelearn b 45 22.52
zeelearn s 45 22.60
march 22

fairdsy b 300 @ 19.50
fairdsy s 300 @ 18.53

punjlloyd b 40 @ 61.30
punjlloyd s 40 @ 61.25

acropetal b 70@142
acropetal s 30@154.05
March 18

acro b 120 @ 123.18
acro s 119 @ 124.44

Thursday, March 17, 2011

PONDYOXY B100@32.50/S100@33.20

FAMEINDIA B360@55.58/S360@56.08

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 16
jayshree tea
jktyre ind

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

JKTYREIND-B-45 97.35
ACROPETAL B 78 102.45
ACROPETAL S 39 100.43

Monday, March 14, 2011

My first tryst with the stock market.

I was very exited and nervous. I checked my client ID S108533, it was active. Then tinkered with the pda, the desktop application given by Angel. I was soon getting frustrated, with the speed at which my computer was working at. I was trying to listen to the last minute updates before the markets opened. The pda opened an online client, which stressed my being even more. I tried consciously to be patient. I looked around the applet and I couldnt see any mention of my Rs5000.
I ran down and to the office, Mr.Gosai was already there, alone, making deals. Futures, mostly.

Last night I'd made a list of companies that I would trade in. I was almost on my toes ready to trade and make a few hundred bucks and show it off to my Mom.
The list contained, Remsons, Uniphos, UshaMartin, Indian Terrain, Priya dyes, Finotex Chemicals, Bedmutha. I'd seen their charts and all that last evening. And I wanted to ride them today.

Back at the office, I tried not to disturb Narendra, finally I said aloud that I wont be making money today hearing which he quickly called Manish and gave me a line of 5000.

I sped on my bike. Back home, I still couldn't see any indication of my 5000. The machine was slow. I was itching to trade. Ahem. Yeah. My first trade. I'd thought it would be easy to find symbols of companies listed in the indian stock exchanges. But a google search didnt help me, I couldnt find symbols on either and this was a bit surprising, and bit more than luke warmly annoying. But I had to make a trade. At this point profitability had become secondary. Just trade. I had to make that trade. I bought Tata Chemicals. The first deal was rejected. I tried again. I bought 15@325. Sold 15@324. Down 15 bucks. I was pressuring myself...and the fact that the client app would hang every 10 seconds... then I would log out, and log in again, and switch the machine off and on again...Bought Acropetal at 40@118.20, but it was the "Sell" button I'd pressed so I actually ended up short selling. Then I bought again and sold again. Net -40 shares.

I used Angel trade, Angel Lite. I only got angel diet at like, 8 pm in the evening.

Diet looks good. Tomorrow is going to be exiting. I want to sell of the 40 shares of Acro at any rate below 117. I hope it touches a low of 100. I would love to sell it at 100. Lets see what comes tomorr--- ah later today., :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Krishna is all attractive.